Review Review – While the adult webcam industry is a multibillion-dollar one with many competitors. It’s not uncommon to see new adult live camsites arise. However, being such a competitive industry means that very few go onto succeeded.

What determines a webcam site’s success is hard to say, but one thing is exact; It needs to offer its users something unique. Otherwise, why would anybody risk the switch from a reputable brand to a rising one?

Have you heard of

I recently come across camiplay, a portmanteau of “can I play.” It’s a new cam site that is still operating in Beta. It wasn’t just the catchy name that caught my attention, but what the newbies are claiming to offer.

For starters, claim to be the first cam site to offer its performers instant verification. Considering the verification procedure is one that we often see complained about, it seemed very attractive and enticing.

I also noticed that the platform had a much more modern appearance than most of its competitors. I mean, let’s be honest, 90% of webcam sites look as though a dinosaur put the design together. They are not even attractive, outdated designs!

Digging deeper, I discovered that the platform not only offers nearly all of the features as its competitors, but it doesn’t use Flash. Flash is now very outdated, and all cam sites are being forced to pack it in. Using a more modern solution such as WebRTC allows its users to view and broadcast on any device and browser.

The platform says that they are aiming to modernize the webcam industry, and from my view, they appear to be doing just that.

Is a popular choice?

With very few cam girls online broadcasting, and few users in the room, it’s evident that the site isn’t viral, or at least not yet. While they are still new and performing in Beta, they clearly have a long way to go. Both to build the brand, as well as the trust of its users.

Do you recommend joining camiplay?

While the platform looks like an interesting one. It’s defiantly one with many potentials, it’s always a good idea to shop around.

Nonetheless, I always recommend giving new platforms a try, and with many enticing offers for both models and viewers, you have nothing to lose.

What other platforms do you recommend?

We recently wrote an article on, one of the leading adult webcam review platforms. Whether you want to become a webcam model, or you’re a viewer thinking about joining a new site, and want a comparison check on features and offers, then it’s highly recommended that you use a reputable review site such as there’s.

Webcam review platforms can often offer their users a FREE service, as they typically earn their money from referral bonuses. You can find a list of all of the major cam sites, as well as information on them. They allow for a smoother search for a new one, as well as transition.

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